About AEAS

The idea of creating the Egyptian-American scholars association started by a discussion between Dr. Mohamed El-Wakil of Wisconsin and Dr. Ahmed Shouman of New Mexico in 1968. They both pursued the formalization of the group supported in Cairo by the Egyptian government and the Society of Friends of Egyptian Scholars Abroad. In 1971, fifteen Charter members were declared, and by 1972 the registration list reached 62 members. In 1973, the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars in the United States and Canada was formally established, and by 1974 it was officially incorporated in the State of Wisconsin, with Dr Mohamed El-Wakil as its President. Through the years close to 600 scholars have joined the Association, very many are still active and supportive.

Since 1974, the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars has contributed abundantly to the scientific and cultural development of Egypt on one hand, and to the academic collaboration of its members in North America. A few examples of these achievements are highlighted below: